Automotive Manufacturing

ZLD Metal Finishing and Process Water Management Systems for Automotive Manufacturing

Zero Liquid Discharge is achieved through Process Rinse Water Recycling and represents the future in green manufacturing.

The automotive industry is actively seeking sustainability solutions which can be easily implemented into its’ manufacturing operations. AQUASGROUP is responding by providing the equipment and expertise required to recycle and manage all water used in metal finishing and metal working processes.

AQUASGROUP’s ZLD Oasis® Series Systems are designed specifically for cellular and centralized manufacturing applications. These automated compact systems, provide closed loop, precision cleaning and metal finishing capability in one durable package.

The high quality of our systems resolves throughput and quality concerns through advanced automation and continuous, high purity rinse water recycling techniques.

Vibratory Deburring Recycling System

AG GFS VRS-C/WW High Solids GFS® Vibratory Deburring Compound/Water Recycling System integrating membrane ultrafiltration technology with centrifugal force (basket centrifuge) providing continuous management of compound/water solution and zero liquid discharge.

AG OASIS® SERIES MF-EP/A Side Arm Automatic ZLD+ Electropolishing Line

FPI Rinse Water Recycling System

AG GFS® FPI-STD revolutionary high flow FPI Rinse Water Recycling System applied on both PE and WW rinse applications, developed to ensure odor free, consistent rinse water quality.

Water Jet Recycling System

AG GFS IX-WJ-SBF Water Jet Recycling System


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