Water Treatment and Fertigation Systems for Cultivators

AQUASGROUP is a chemical engineering based, design / build manufacturer of process water management systems employed in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications. We specialize in process control and waste minimization focusing on quality as well as sustainability.

As a result of our long standing water-centric approach, we understand that although each cultivating facility may be unique, a reliable and consistent water supply is a fundamental requirement. Our approach is to listen to your needs and provide the right system for your operation.

We offer a broad array of water treatment and fertigation options to Cultivators. AQUASGROUP provides turnkey as well as customized solutions leveraging best available water management and controls technologies in the areas of pure water generation, bulk and batch fertigation as well as drainage, collection and even reclamation.

Here are just a few:


Rob Sheldon

Vice President / Sales


Nicholas Paolo, Jr.

President / Engineering

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