FPI Rinse Water Recycling Systems

Cost Effective NDT Rinse Water Recycling supports process control, industrial hygiene, cost effective water management and sustainability objectives.

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Rinse Water Recycling Systems

AQUASGROUP’s line of Green Factory Series (GFS) FPI Rinse Water Recycling Series has revolutionized the management of rinse water in this otherwise problematic process. For decades, manufactures performing this non-destructive testing (NDT) process have become used to foul odor, contact dermatitis and more, resulting from bacteria supported by stagnation.

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GFS-FPI Systems include an integration of water purification technologies creating a clean process thereby eliminating the need to discharge any process waste water. GFS-FPI Rinse Water Recycling Series provide unmatched performance and are successfully installed throughout many manufacturing sectors.

Benefits include:

  • Odor free operation
  • Requires No Drain
  • Provides Consistently Clear Process Rinse Water
  • Closed Loop, Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Supports Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Compact Designs, Chemical Engineered and Industrial Hardened

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Module

AG GFS FPI-UF/HF Green Factory Series® Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Membrane Module for emulsified oil / water separation. Applications include FPI rinse water, machine tool coolant and compressor condensate.

High Capacity FPI Rinse Water Recycling System

GFS® FPI-HC/C high capacity FPI Rinse Water Recycling System equipped with integrated chiller.

Centralized FPI Rinse Water Recycling System (NDT)

AG GFS FPI-CENTRAL Centralized FPI Rinse Water Recycling System serving cellular NDT operations. System equipped with transportable high volume media vessels.

FPI Rinse Water Recycling System

AG GFS® FPI-STD revolutionary high flow FPI Rinse Water Recycling System applied on both PE and WW rinse applications, developed to ensure odor free, consistent rinse water quality.


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