Rethinking water management in manufacturing.


GFS Rinse Water Recycling System

Aquasgroup Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

“Send it down the drain” – Sound familiar? Times are changing fast. This common practice and the lack of thought behind it is in trouble. In this article, I will explain why.

Green Manufacturing and Cost Effective Vibratory Deburring Recycling

Clogged drains, high chemical costs and regulatory compliance are realities that challenge manufacturers when discharging waste water from vibratory deburring processes.

How to Select Your Next Parts Washer

In order to cost effectively recycle water, it is critical that the parts washer design makes efficient use of detergent, thereby minimizing the amount that the rinse water needs to remove. Enhanced immersion and spray over immersion designs provide the answer to most applications.

Process Rinse Water Recycling Systems are the Future of Sustainable Manufacturing.

Most metals used in manufactured goods require some type of chemical processing including precision cleaning, passivating, etching, anodizing, electropolishing or electroplating.

The Advantages of Green Manufacturing in the Metal Finishing Sector

Metal Finishing benefits society by making inexpensive metals durable.

For example, anodizing, passivating and plating minimize or eliminate the potential for corrosion. This translates to the reliability of things like electrical circuits, building materials, medical devices , aircraft and automobiles. We need this, but we also need to safeguard our air and water supplies.

The Intersection of Manufacturing and Environmental Stewardship

Process rinse water recycling is clearly the future in manufacturing. Not only does recycling eliminate the potential for liability resulting from discharging wastewater, it eliminates the overhead of regulation along with the cost to both purchase and dispose of water. Plus, recycling at the required flow rate directly translates to quality as a function of process control.


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