Power Wash Spray Booths – Oasis Series

Power Wash Spray Booths

AQUASGROUP’s Oasis Series® Spray Booths gained popularity due to the fact that they require NO drain connection due to the Zero Liquid Discharge features separating them from all competition. Customized spray booths are made possible by our in-house manufacturing capability. Typical of the brand, we offer both EVERINSE, using continuously re-purified, hot, deionized water as the solvent and EVERWASH, which includes the addition of a detergent tank. Leveraging our commitment to water use efficiency, all Oasis Series® Spray Booth designs include features to both minimize recycling costs while enhancing parts’ cleanliness through process rinse water cleanliness consistency.

What are Power Wash Spray Booths?

AQUASGROUP is a manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, including Power Wash Spray Booths. These spray booths are designed for high-pressure cleaning applications, such as removing heavy dirt, grime, and other contaminants from large industrial parts and equipment. They are typically used in manufacturing and industrial settings, such as factories and warehouses, for cleaning and maintenance of machinery, vehicles, and other equipment. Power Wash Spray Booths from AQUASGROUP may feature high-pressure nozzles, powerful pumps, and other equipment to provide a powerful and efficient cleaning solution. We also include optional process water recycling features resulting in a Zero Liquid Discharge system.

Benefits of Power Wash Spray Booths

AQUASGROUP’s Power Wash Spray Booths offer a variety of benefits, including:

High cleaning efficiency: Through use of high-pressure water jets, these systems are capable of removing heavy dirt, grime, and other contaminants from industrial parts and equipment, making the cleaning process more efficient and effective.

Customizable: These spray booths can be customized to meet specific cleaning needs, with different nozzles, pumps, and other equipment available to provide a tailored cleaning solution.

Water efficiency: AQUASGROUP’s Power Wash Spray Booths are designed to minimize water consumption and reduce costs associated with water recycling and disposal.

Zero Liquid Discharge: They can also include Zero Liquid Discharge features, which separates the cleaning solution from the rinse water and maintains consistently clean water for use in your process without requiring a drain.

Improved safety: High-pressure cleaning can be a potential exposure for operators and equipment depending on the pressure and temperature of the water or cleaning solution utilized. AQUASGROUP’s Spray Booths are engineered to minimize risks to operators and other personnel.

Increased productivity: Power Wash Spray Booths that have been optimized for your specific process can significantly reduce the time and labor required for cleaning, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency in industrial settings.

Cost-effective: Power Wash Spray Booths can be a cost-effective solution for industrial cleaning, as they can reduce the need for manual labor and chemicals while providing a thorough cleaning.

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