Process Rinse Water Recycling Systems

Green Factory Series

AQUASGROUP’s Green Factory Series® Process Water Recycling Systems are key to process rinse water management. Benefits include high rinse recirculation rates, consistent water purity, and the elimination of cross-contamination of chemical baths. Fulfill corporate-mandated sustainability goals through realized enhanced process control, waste minimization, and zero liquid discharge, supported by AQUASGROUP’s Professional Service plans. Applications include rinse tanks on Parts Washers, FPI, X-Ray, WaterJet, Metal Finishing Systems, and more.

What are Process Water Recycling Systems

Process water recycling systems are designed to recycle water that is used in industrial processes. These systems typically involve the treatment of the used water to remove contaminants, followed by the reuse of the treated water in the industrial process. The main goal of process water recycling systems is to improve the quality of water utilized in the process, through high-recirculation rates, while reducing the amount of fresh water that is required, which can help to conserve water resources and reduce the costs associated with obtaining and treating fresh water.

Effective process water recycling systems play an important role in water conservation and resource management and represent the future of manufacturing. In most cases today, in an effort to reduce water consumption, the overflow rate of rinse tanks is reduced to the bare minimum resulting in variability in the quality of water in the rinse tank depending on factors such as production rate, chemical carryover, and tank volume. This variability directly impacts process quality and process control and can lead to surface staining, chemical cross-contamination, and other issues. Conversely, when recycling water, flow rates can be increased and matched to the requirements of the specific application resulting in high-quality, consistently pure rinse water.

The specific treatment methods used in a process water recycling system will depend on the type and concentration of contaminants present in the water. Common treatment techniques include filtration, absorption, ion exchange, and membrane technologies and it is important to work with a company with expertise in all of the available technologies so as to optimize for a given process.

AQUASGROUP, a chemical engineering-based, design/build manufacturer with over 35 years of experience and thousands of systems in operation today, has expertise in the Applications Engineering of Best Available Technologies resulting in effective and economical process water recycling solutions.

Benefits of Process Water Recycling Systems

There are several benefits to using process water recycling systems:

Increased process efficiency and quality: Recycling process water can improve the efficiency and quality of industrial processes, as it reduces the need for frequent water changes and the associated downtime and provides high-quality, consistent rinses resulting in process control and elimination of chemical cross-contamination.

Reduced water consumption: Recycling process water can significantly reduce the amount of fresh water that is required by an industrial process.

Lower water treatment costs: Appropriate selection and application of technologies to recycle process water can reduce the costs associated with obtaining and treating fresh water.

Reduced wastewater production: Process water recycling systems can help to reduce the amount of wastewater that is produced, which can lower the costs of wastewater treatment and even eliminate the need to discharge resulting in reduced regulatory overhead and compliance exposure.

Environmental benefits: Process water recycling systems can help to reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes by reducing the demand for fresh water and the associated extraction, transportation, and treatment of this water.

Improved resource management: By recycling process water, industries can more efficiently manage their water resources and reduce their reliance on fresh water sources.

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