How to Select Your Next Parts Washer

Since the 1950’s, parts washers have been applied in manufacturing applications primarily for washing away soils and machining fluids containing oils from manufactured parts. These systems have always had one thing in common; they generate too much waste water. Their designs have relied upon an abundant supply of fresh water used to rinse the parts at the end of the washing process, and as a result, they are tremendously ineffecient and wasteful. Times have changed, there is no drain!

When selecting a parts washer today, we need to consider the fact that fresh water is no longer abundant and there are escalating costs associated with these outdated parts washer designs. Recycling rinse water is gaining in popularity when it stands to save tens of thousands of dollars in real costs over time.

Although there are exceptions, spray cabinets, conveyor and helix washers, once popular, have been replaced with designs that conserve both the detergent and the rinse water required to remove it from manufactured parts. In order to cost effectively recycle water, it is critical that the parts washer design makes efficient use of detergent thereby minimizing the amount that the rinse water needs to remove. Enhanced immersion and spray over immersion designs provide the answer to most applications.

It is important to remember that in order to recycle process rinse water economically, parts washer designs need to provide design features whereby rinse water contamination is minimized. These designs are innovative and you will know it when you see it. Common terms used to describe these machines are “ZLD”, for Zero Liquid Discharge, or Closed Loop. Be sure to avoid becoming a victim of purchasing a machine that may be well built, but lacks the features required to provide a benefit over its useful lifetime.

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