The Advantages of Green Manufacturing in the Metal Finishing Sector

One hundred years ago, who was thinking of sustainability?

Why do we today? What has changed? A disrespect of our environment by some, causing contaminated water supplies and health issues, along with large increases in demand during unprecedented water shortages, top a list that continues to grow.

How do we react?

America is renowned for its entrepreneurial zeal. It is our very nature to create. In this case, we have created a pollution problem and now there are many working around the clock to address it.

Green Manufacturing is the buzz, and why not?

Metal Finishing benefits society by making inexpensive metals durable. For example, anodizing, passivating and plating minimize or eliminate the potential for corrosion. This translates to the reliability of things like electrical circuits, building materials, medical devices , aircraft and automobiles. We need this, but we also need to safeguard our air and water supplies. These are finite and we need to invest wisely to both support economic growth while preserving that which is most important to us and future generations.

The good news is that we now know how to design metal finishing systems that protect these vital resources. We have the technology and the applications engineering strength to eliminate the discharge of waste water from most finishing applications while protecting the air as well. The challenge is getting the word out that there are available options that provide the return on investment through displaced costs.

Were you to discharge pre-treated waste water today, what would be your cost for infrastructure, water, certified staff and regulatory compliance? In this unattractive scenario, what are your rinse tank flow rates and what is the quality of the rinse water? Alternately, consider an engineered process rinse water recycling system where you eliminate the regulator, the waste water treatment operator and the purchased water costs while increasing your rinse tank flow rates exponentially, along with your rinse water quality.

What is the value of process control in your manufacturing operations? Recycling brings this cost saving measure to your metal finishing processes, to your parts washers and to all of the rinse processes in your operation. The return is supported by consistency in the rinse process, and in quality of finished goods.

Success in all endeavors requires commitment. Success in green manufacturing requires that special attention be paid to the chemical engineering based, design/build manufacturer that you work with to provide these solutions. Remember, consistently clean rinses safeguard all of your process chemicals from cross contamination. An added benefit to recycling rinse water is that chemicals last far longer, and the consistency of their performance only adds to the growing list of what is possible.

Think Green.

When approached thoughtfully, it turns out it’s the only way to go!


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President / Engineering

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