The Intersection of Manufacturing and Environmental Stewardship

Silver linings, as validation, can be powerful when considering choices and ultimately, in being decisive. Change can be painful and it can be costly, but it does not always have to be that way. Regarding process rinse water recycling, it is clearly the future in manufacturing. Discharging to a river is now reserved to POTW’s and the few “unlucky” enterprises that lack options. This intensely regulated act is only to become more so, and as a result, it’s high time to consider your options.

Not only does recycling eliminate the potential for liability resulting from discharging wastewater, it eliminates the costs of regulation along with the cost to both purchase and dispose of water. Is that not enough to be convincing of silver linings? There’s more. When recycling water, flow rate, as it relates to generated volume, is no longer of importance. Process rinses can be recycled at the required flow rate that establishes an equilibrium purity that satisfies the throughput of the process. This directly translates to quality as a function of process control.

What should you consider?

Embrace the future of manufacturing and eliminate the regulator from your business. Bring process control to your metal finishing process rinse tanks, parts washers and all chemical processes which require rinsing by achieving consistent rinse water quality. Eliminate discharging water from your manufacturing operations and embrace the many benefits of recycling and sustainability. AQUASGROUP has helped many others and is eager to help you too!


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