Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Systems

Green Factory Series®

AQUASGROUP’s Green Factory Series® Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Systems are revolutionary, supporting the future in manufacturing through economical re-use of this most precious resource while eliminating the need to discharge pre-treated waste water. Through an integration of Best Available Technologies, our totally enclosed treatment systems comply fully with federal, state and local regulations while supporting Corporate ESG objectives and enhanced process control through process water quality and consistency.

What are Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Systems

Industrial waste water treatment and recovery systems are designed to process and clean wastewater generated by industrial facilities. Industrial wastewater can contain a wide variety of pollutants and contaminants, including heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, and oil and grease.

There are several different types of industrial waste water treatment systems, including physical, chemical, and biological treatment methods. The specific type of treatment system used will depend on the nature and severity of the contaminants present in the wastewater, local regulations and the objectives of the company. While chemical / physical pre-discharge systems are still the norm, advances in technologies combined with corporate or municipal mandates and rising costs have resulted in increased interest in systems that are capable of treating the water for reuse in the facility, eliminating the need to discharge entirely.

Benefits of Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Systems

There are several benefits to using industrial wastewater treatment and recovery systems:

Protecting the environment: By treating and cleaning industrial wastewater before it is released back into the environment, these systems help to prevent water pollution and protect natural ecosystems.

Reducing water usage: Industrial wastewater treatment and recovery systems can help facilities to reuse and recycle their wastewater, reducing their overall water usage and helping to conserve this valuable resource.

Cost savings: Treating and recycling wastewater can save industrial facilities money on their water bills, as well as reducing the cost of disposing of hazardous waste.

Improving public health: Cleaning and treating industrial wastewater helps to protect public health by reducing the risk of waterborne diseases and other health hazards.

Meeting regulatory requirements: Many countries have regulations in place that require industrial facilities to treat and discharge their wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner. Industrial wastewater treatment and recovery systems help facilities to meet these requirements or avoid them entirely through eliminating the need to discharge.

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