Industrial Parts Washer Systems

Oasis Series®

AQUASGROUP’s Oasis Series® line of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Industrial Parts Washers are offered under the brands, EVERINSE, using continuously re-purified, hot, deionized water as the solvent and EVERWASH, which includes the addition of a detergent tank. Leveraging our commitment to water use efficiency, all Oasis Series® Parts Washers’ designs include features to both minimize recycling costs while enhancing parts’ cleanliness and process consistency through integrated process rinse water recycling. With an original focus on cellular manufacturing, this line has expanded to include both manual and fully automated systems, scaled to match the process requirements.

Oasis Everinse

Parts Washer Everinse

Oasis Everwash

Parts Washer Everwash

Oasis MecWash

Parts Washer MecWash

What are Industrial Parts Washer Systems?

The Oasis Series® Industrial Parts Washer Systems are a line of industrial cleaning equipment offered by AQUASGROUP specifically designed to handle the cleaning and finishing needs of industrial manufacturers. These systems use advanced technology to provide efficient, cost-effective cleaning solutions for a wide range of parts and equipment. The EVERINSE® model uses continuously re-purified, hot, deionized water as the solvent, while the EVERWASH® model includes an additional detergent tank for added cleaning power. Both systems are designed to minimize water usage and recycling costs, while maintaining consistent process rinse water cleanliness. The Oasis series Industrial Parts Washer Systems are available in different sizes and configurations to suit different manufacturing environments and production needs. They can be customized to include features such as automatic loading and unloading, multiple wash stages, spray and immersion rinsing, ultrasonics and inline drying. These features make the Oasis series Industrial Parts Washer Systems an ideal choice for companies looking to improve their cleaning process, enhance the cleanliness and finish of their parts and reduce costs associated with waste generation and water disposal.

Benefits of Industrial Parts Washer Systems

Industrial parts washer systems offer a variety of benefits to manufacturers, including:

Improved Cleanliness: Industrial parts washer systems effectively remove dirt, grease, scale and other contaminants from parts, resulting in a finished product that meets the cleanliness requirements of your process.

Increased Efficiency: Automated industrial parts washer systems can save time and labor costs by streamlining the cleaning process. Further, design features that eliminate or minimize the carryover of detergents into rinse water reduce consumption of cleaners as well as cost of water purification.

Enhanced Finishes: Process control and product quality is achieved through fit-for-purpose process optimization, system feature selection and integrated water recycling resulting in consistent, high-quality part rinsing which helps to avoid staining and re-runs.

Increased Safety: AQUASGROUP’s Industrial parts washer systems minimize the use of harmful chemicals and solvents, reducing the risk of employee exposure and the potential for environmental contamination while design features such as automated material handling and operator friendly access improve ergonomics.

Water and Energy Efficient: AQUASGROUP’s systems are designed to be water and energy efficient, minimizing the usage and resulting cost of these resources with many of our designs being Near Zero or Zero Liquid Discharge.

Customizable: Oasis Series® Systems can be customized to suit the specific needs of a manufacturing facility, including the size and type of parts being cleaned, soils to be removed and space available.

Reliability: Leveraging experience built over 35 years, we select materials and components based on compatibility with the application. Our parts washers are industrial hardened and backed by our dedicated Field Service Team.

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