Oasis Series® MecWash

Introducing the MecWash Industrial Parts Washer: Your Solution for Superior Cleaning Efficiency and Sustainability

AQUASGROUP has partnered with MecWash to offer their single point load / unload Rotary Spray and Immersion Washing Systems under our existing Oasis Series® line of precision cleaning, Zero Liquid Discharge parts washers.

Designed to meet the demands of modern industrial cleaning, the MecWash Parts Washer is a cutting-edge, aqueous cleaning solution that delivers exceptional results. With its advanced features and innovative technology, it is the ultimate choice for achieving immaculate cleanliness and maintaining high standards of quality.

One of the standout features of the MecWash Parts Washer is its single point, load/unload functionality. This efficient design allows for seamless integration into your workflow, enabling you to save valuable time and increase productivity. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming staged cleaning and drying methods.

Equipped with a powerful rotary spray immersion system, the MecWash Parts Washer ensures thorough cleaning from every angle. Its high-pressure spray and high-flow immersion washing and rinsing capabilities eliminate stubborn contaminants, leaving your parts spotless and ready for the next stage of production. For those intricate and delicate components that require extra care, the MecWash Parts Washer offers optional ultrasonics. This feature harnesses the power of ultrasonic waves to gently remove contaminants from even the most intricate parts, ensuring a thorough and delicate cleaning process.

Additionally, MecWash parts washer boasts forced hot air and an optional vacuum drying function. This state-of-the-art technology effectively removes moisture from your components, including hard-to-reach areas, resulting in completely dry parts that are free from residue or moisture-related issues.
We understand the importance of sustainability in today’s world, which is why the MecWash Parts Washer incorporates integrated water recycling technology, leveraging AQUASGROUP’s experience over 35 years in this space. This unique and innovative features results in a zero liquid discharge system, economoically minimizing water waste and supporting a greener approach to industrial cleaning. With this system in place, you can enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and a smaller environmental footprint.

In summary, the MecWash Industrial Parts Washer revolutionizes industrial cleaning with its user-friendly design and powerful features. Its single point, load/unload functionality and rotary spray immersion system ensure efficient and thorough cleaning from all angles. With high-pressure spray, high-flow immersion washing, and optional ultrasonics, even the most intricate parts receive meticulous cleaning. The optional vacuum drying feature guarantees complete dryness, eliminating residue and moisture-related issues. Plus, the integrated water recycling technology supports sustainability by achieving a zero liquid discharge system. Choose MecWash for exceptional cleaning performance, efficiency, and a greener approach to industrial cleaning.

Features Comparison

MecWash Solo
Ultrasonic Wash
Flood Wash
Spray Wash
Ultrasonic Rinse
Flood Rinse
Mist Spray Rinse
Dedicated Jetting
Hot Air Dry
Vacuum Dry
Single Direction Fixed Speed Rotation
Both Direction Fixed Speed Rotation
Wash Bag Filter
Wash Cartridge Filter
Rinse Bag Filter
Rinse Cartridge Filter
Rinse Water Recycling
Oil Skimmer
Oil Separator
Steam Condenser
Manual/Automatic Load Tables or Roller Conveyors
Siemens PLC / Operator Interface Display

*MWX precision washing range, including MWX300, MWX400 and MAXI

Benefits of OASIS Series® MecWash

Industrial parts washer systems offer a variety of benefits to manufacturers, including:

Simplicity: The single-point load/unload system provides a simple means of achieving very clean, dry parts, streamlines the workflow and reduces footprint, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

Superior Cleaning Performance: The MecWash Systems provide exceptional cleaning power, both internally and externally, surpassing other parts washers in the market. With powerful pumps, high-pressure spray nozzles, and optional ultrasonics, these systems ensure thorough and effective cleaning of complex and intricate machined or pressed parts.

High Standards of Cleanliness: The MecWash Systems are designed to meet very high standards of cleanliness. They effectively remove contaminants, oils, and greases from parts, ensuring that they meet the required cleanliness specifications for various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and more.

Enhanced Surface Finish: These systems are capable of achieving excellent surface finish on parts. They remove residues and contaminants that can affect the final appearance and quality of the components, resulting in improved aesthetics and functionality.

FOD Removal: Foreign Object Debris (FOD) can be a significant concern in industries where precision and reliability are crucial. The MecWash Systems are specifically designed to remove FOD from parts, minimizing the risk of contamination and improving the overall safety and reliability of the components.

Versatile Configurations: With various configurations and options available, including ultrasonics and vacuum drying, the MecWash Systems offer versatility to cater to different cleaning requirements throughout the manufacturing process. They can be customized to suit inter-stage, general purpose, or final precision cleaning needs.

Water Recycling and Waste Reduction: AQUASGROUP’s integration of water recycling technologies with the MecWash Systems promotes sustainable practices. By efficiently recycling and reusing water, these systems help reduce water consumption and waste generation, contributing to environmental conservation and cost savings.

Lower Operating Costs: The combination of efficient cleaning performance, water recycling capabilities, and features to minimize chemical carryover results in lower operating costs for users. The MecWash Systems offer an economically viable solution for industrial parts cleaning by optimizing resource utilization and reducing waste.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support: AQUASGROUP is committed to providing dedicated field service and excellent after-sales support for its customers. This ensures that users of MecWash Systems have access to assistance, maintenance, and technical expertise whenever needed, thereby maximizing the reliability and longevity of the equipment.

Medical Device
Fluid Power and Hydraulics
Single point load / unload
High pressure rotary spray
High flow immersion
Mist spray rinse
Flood rinse
Hot air and vacuum dry
Rinse water recycling
Zero liquid discharge
Manual or Automatic material handling

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The integration of MecWash’s cutting-edge technology into the Oasis Series® line brings a host of exceptional features that set a new standard for the industrial cleaning industry. With a high flush rate, optional ultrasonics, vacuum drying, and a single-point load/unload system, these advanced cleaning systems will streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. Furthermore, the MecWash systems align perfectly with AQUASGROUP’s focus on sustainable solutions by offering a zero liquid discharge solution, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing performance.


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