Process Rinse Water Recycling Systems

Process Rinse Water Recycling Systems are the Future of Sustainable Manufacturing.

Most metals used in manufactured goods require some type of chemical processing including precision cleaning, passivating, etching, anodizing, electropolishing or electroplating. In all cases, rinse water is used to remove process chemicals from these parts.

Although it was customary to pre-treat these spent rinses and send them to the sewer, it is no longer the case. Regulatory costs are high, as are the costs for both purchasing and discharging water. Added to the litany of change today is the need for replacement of old inefficient equipment used in metal finishing, opening the door to innovation as manifested in the advent of Zero Liquid Discharge, or ZLD designs.

ZLD metal finishing systems include parts washers, passivation systems and anodizing and electroplating lines. It pays to learn how to capitalize on the numerous benefits of process rinse water recycling and why you do not want to send any more waste water down the drain!

Those reading this having experience in these processes understand that the “treat & discharge” model is antiquated. As opposed to recycling, it results in poor process control from dirty rinses which is manifested by staining, discoloration and eventual corrosion on finished goods.

Effective process rinse water recycling eliminates your regulatory exposure and rising costs while enhancing quality through high purity, high flow, continuously recycled rinse water.

Nothing goes to the drain!


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